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Sabato Microtec

About us

Based in the Watch Valley in Biel, Sabato Microtec has been specialising since 1989 in the manufacture and assembly of high-precision watch components and tools.

Equipped with a young and dynamic team as well as a state-of-the-art production tool, Sabato Microtec guarantees high quality manufacturing thanks to the combination of technology and craftsmanship as well as verticalized production.

With our know-how, we work in accordance with the high requirements of different sectors such as: Watch industry, medicine, automation and jewellery.

Our Credo

Precision, quality and aesthetics; with these values the company works in in accordance with the high requirements of the different sectors such as: Watchmaking, Optics and jewelry

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It was at the end of the 1980s when Luigi Sabato set up his own small workshop in the Watch Valley, in Biel, that the story began. The manufacture of precision mechanical parts was launched under the name Sabato Präzisionmechanik.


After his training as a precision mechanic in a large Biel-based factory, Mike Sabato joined his father in the company. Together they founded Sabato Micromecanic. Mike’s vision is clear and forward-looking, equipping the company with state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee high quality and precision production.


Marco Sabato joins his brother and father in the family business. His experience gained in renowned companies is a great contribution to the constant development of the company. His arrival brings a new impetus and the process of handing over the company is gradually taking place.

Sabato Microtec

Luigi Sabato is gradually reducing his activities and handing over the reins to his sons. The passion that has animated him from the beginning is intact and his presence is a great inspiration to all.
That year, together, Mike and Marco founded Sabato Microtec. The profiles evolve in line with changing requirements, and it is in this dynamic that they divide up the tasks at managerial level. Mike puts his energy and experience to work for the benefit of the product. Marco is in charge of customer relations and human resources.
Since 2019, a three-person manager has been supporting the management in steering the company.


The implementation of the new organization continues. After several years outside the company to consolidate his experience and training, Arnaldo joins the Sabato Microtec team. In 2020 he joins Mike and Marco in the management. His tasks are mainly the administrative and financial management of the company and, together with Marco, the commercial relations and marketing.

squad team

Total 26 - employees

2024 - Robin

Robin Boscaini joins the management of Sabato Microtec AG.

2024 - Management Sabato Microtec




Business areas




Polymechanic, specialized

on 3 and / or 5-axis CNC machining centers 70% - 100%.

Apprenticeship as polymechanic EFZ from summer 2022

Polymechanic, specialized

on 3 and / or 5-axis CNC machining centers 70% - 100%.


If you are interested and ready to take on a new challenge in a modern and dynamic work environment, please send your complete application to our email address

"Biel, the capital of precision"

- Watch Valley -

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