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Professional skills

The pinnacle of high-precision technology and micromechanics. Sabato Microtec is marked by our know-how.

No matter whether it is a prototype or a series production, a tool or a jig the company’s products are impressive for their total conformity to the drawings and their high-end finish, often exceeding the client’s expectations. With this level of attention to detail, it comes as no surprise to hear that deadlines are strictly adhered to.


Computer-guided precision mechanics and traditional craftsmanship, go hand-in-hand at Sabato Microtec. All our work follows a clear line: precision, quality and aesthetics in the slightest detail!

About us



Your partner for high precision mechanics

Based in the Watch Valley in Biel, Sabato Microtec has been specialising since 1989 in the manufacture and assembly of high-precision watch components and tools.

Equipped with a young and dynamic team as well as a state-of-the-art production tool, Sabato Microtec guarantees high quality manufacturing thanks to the combination of technology and craftsmanship as well as verticalized production.


With our know-how, we work in accordance with the high requirements of different sectors such as: Watch industry, medicine, automation and jewellery.

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