Sabato Microtec

is a team of young dynamic and resourceful professionals in the field of micromechanics:
– HSC-Milling
– Turning
– Erosion by wire-cut, die-sink or micro-drilling
– CAD design
– Control and measurement
– Finishing

In these years staff has obtained and reward with confidence more than 150 customers who wanted to entrust him with ever more elaborate projects, our know-how and confidentiality in data processing is proof that success and trust are priceless values for us.
We have a large fleet state-of-the-art machines with more than 800 m^2, located in a region with leading international industries, be they medical, optics, watches, jewelry or automation. Our goal is customer satisfaction, we provide services to the best companies in the region and our passion for micromechanics drives us every day to offer the best to remain at the top.
We build and integrate young and talented mechanical apprentices into working life, transmitting to them, in addition to traditional rules and principles also satisfaction of seeing their dreams and projects grow.