At the end of the 80’s when Luigi Sabato started in Biel, in the canton of Bern, his production of precision mechanical parts took place in a small studio.


The arrival of Mike, thanks to the experience gained in Rolex, will be able to innovate the company that at the end of the 90’s will change from Sabato Präzisionmechanik to Sabato Micromecanic.

Mike has a vision, believes and bets in development of micromechanics, using cutting-edge tools and machinery the digital age enters in traditional hand-crafted and over the years, this union of high manufacturing precision combined with the latest technology for industry will be a symbol of innovation and rooting in the territory.


The entering of his brother Marco, with his experience in micromechanics, will be a great contribution to the production process and at the same time he will be able to take decisions together with Mike and Luigi for the management of the company.


Sabato Microtec Foundation.

Luigi Sabato gives way to his sons, his presence is always a great help, the experience and passion that he dedicates to work every day are a source of inspiration.

The profiles evolve; Mike is always in search of technical and aesthetic perfection, his products must be according to his vision. Marco, with great determination, follows the managerial aspect dealing with customers and human resources, taking care in exceptional case the production.

In times where companies are dealing with brokers, businessmen and managers who are more interested in stock market indexes and financial speculations than to work as human and social value, the direction of Sabato Microtec is inspired by the values of family, from cohesion in tough times, from the need to grow a company day-by-day, improving and keeping human contact.