Sabato Microtec GmbH decoration

Our work is not just only bring out products according to the mechanical specifications required by the customer but also to have a nice aesthetic appearance. The special decorations, as in the following video, an example of linear tech “guillochage” with diamond made by Sabato Microtec, maximum expression of “savoir faire”.


Micronarc Magazine publication

We are grateful to Micronarc magazine, an innovative magazine followed by many technical experts and published every 2 years, it represents both emerging and consolidated companies, new developments in the technical field and cutting-edge applications. At page 8 of his latest number Micronarc micro-nano Mag 2018, it presents one of our products of undoubted micrometric precision, linear stage for automation integrates perfectly the goal of magazine an innovative system to solve technical problems.
Micronarc publications:
Micronarc Magazine


LASER marking system

Continuous improvement is one of the goals for Sabato Microtec, the finishing service goes to increase with laser marking system. In order to offer a more complete service to its customers, the staff has carried out the training to manage all the work of marking that our customers more and more frequently ask.



It’s with pride that Sabato Microtec announces the arrival of a new ultra-precision oil type wire EDM machine.
The Seibu M25LP will be work in our production department from July 2016.