Micro Mechanics

Micromechanical components and subassemblies, prototypes, tooling and fixtures of the highest complexity, this is what Sabato Microtec’s excellences consist.

Wire-EDM and sinker-EDM, HSC-milling, drilling or turning, whatever the process required, Sabato Microtec can do it with its unparalleled combination of classical mechanical craftsmanship and the latest high-end technology. Computerised precision mechanics and traditional micromechanics go hand-in-hand at Sabato.

Material: K390
Description: Tightening clamp

Material: Hard Metal Carbide
Description: Microtechnick holder

Material: Hard metal Carbide
Description: Microtechnick holder

Material: Base of 1.4034 HRC 56 and core in Hard metal Carbide

Description: Control holder

Material: —
Description: —

Material: Hard metal Carbide (Dixi tool tip)
Description: Hard metal point with Sabato Microtec logo